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25 Ιουλ 2015

Ireon Music Festival 2015 on Samos Island: The Program

Ireon Music Festival 2015, one of the biggest music festivals in the Aegean, will be held from 7-9 August at the picturesque village of  Ireon on Samos island.

The site of concerts opens every night at 21:00.

The program of Ireon Music Festival 2015 is the following:

Friday, August 7

21:30. Ypogeia Revmata (Underwater Currents).

Ypogeia Revmata of 2015 (Grigoris Klioumis, Nikos Yousef, Marios Tsangaris and Tasos Peppas), restless and impetuous, continue their concerts all over our weird land. Having finished their project "20.14", by issuing the eponymous double cd from MLK Records and after the successful launch of the anniversary “20” in two vinyl discs of 180g open a window in the future, keeping lively images and moments of the past.

Ypogeia Revmata, inaugurating a new era, reconstruct their sound, re-approach their songs and write new ones from scratch. The album “20.14” features, on the first cd, twenty favorite songs of the band, in new versions, released under the global title “20” and, in the second cd, fourteen new songs about time going by, the socio-political crisis and our fears but, also, about these little things that give us the courage to stand upright, the inner youth, the surpassing and the beauty of the world.

In the 2015 concerts, Paschalis Kolentzis is responsible for the acoustical tracks and for the additional guitars, playing in the dark area of the console while onstage Gregory Klioumis with his distinctive voice and his hard guitar playing meets the robust bass of Nikos Yousef, the uplifted keyboards of Marios Tsangaris and the unpredictable drums of Tassos Peppas.

The new electric, untamable sound of Ypogeia Revmata meets the lyrical and contemplative mood of the verses, resulting in a lively, dynamic and restless sound that complements the twenty year course of the group with a wild and, at the same time, gentle new start.

23:00. Nikos Portokaloglou and "The Winged Guitars".

From “the Aegean Waters” to “My Dark Sea”

This summer Nikos with his “Winged Guitars” boosts his live evenings with electricity.

This year Nikos will meet his friends in a big tour around Greece and Cyprus by presenting a program spanning over his thirty years career.

Everything that has made us love Nikos Portokaloglou will be there; the characteristic chords and strong melodies, the lyrics that we all have whispered, the intensity and lyricism, the “east meets west” features and the friendly atmosphere will all be present in a party for young people of all ages.

The “Winged Guitars” will also be there, a band created by Nikos featuring amazing young, but already renowned musicians, having electrified intentions for guitar fun and uplifting mood.

Nikos and the band will be playing a selection of his beloved traditional, Asia Minor, rebetika and folk songs taken from his latest album "Alien Ports", in new modern, bold and "heretical" versions. And of course songs from Fatme, his former band and hits from his entire career.

Saturday, August 8

21:30. Burger Project.

The subversive band "Burger Project" will appear on the stage of Ireon Music Festival on Saturday, August 8th.

The Burger Project, since November 2007, have made hundreds of uplifting concerts throughout Greece and abroad (England, Italy, Cyprus and Germany).

They also have to their credit interesting musical collaborations (with Matoula Zamani, Takim, Phoebus Delivorias, Blend Mishkin etc.) and a series of partnerships with the well-known shadow-theater player Elias Karella. 

The last three years their children oriented project "Mom I will do a Band", an interactive musical show that is constantly updated and evolving, has stolen myriads of lilliputian hearts and its corresponding cd is already running out! All these characterize the Burger Project since "different fronts" mutually penetrate each other, suggesting that the essence of the band is aimed at music quality, fun and subversion!

23:00. Locomondo.

It smells like summertime and Locomondo will be out on the road again. The 2015 summer tour is a fact! Travelling throughout Greece, Locomondo lure us into frenetic dance rhythms and endless party around theatres, beaches and squares. After a steady twelve years course, Locomondo with their distinctions, thousands of sales, concerts and participations in worldwide festivals in Greece and abroad make their mark - an experience that is given each time they walk on stage and turn the audience into a huge party united by dance and happiness, songs and smiles! With love and passion for what they do, their songs, just like their concerts, often have a social character which appears strongly over the years in their involvement in any kind of cultural event promoting environment up to mankind itself.
Always protagonists with music, singing and fun for living.
With new and old songs such as "It's never cold in Greece", the "Magical Carpet" and " rap, ska, reggae, hip-hop, dub, ska, reggae, one drop" one thing is sure : we will not stop dancing !!!

Sunday, August 9

21:30. Warm Up DJ Set by G. Saklas.

22:30. Peter Hook & The Light


The legendary Joy Division bassist and, later, New Order, Revenge and Freebase, is coming to Greece for a unique concert in Samos with his band, Peter Hook & the Light. They will be performing on the 9th of August a set of Joy Division and New Order songs.

Peter Hook was born on February 13 1956. He is a world acclaimed bassist and the co-founder in the mid-seventies, along with Bernard Sumner, of the legendary band, Joy Division. It was July 20 1976 when the two of them, having attended a concert of the Sex Pistols in Lesser Free Trade Hall of Manchester, decided to form their own band.

This concert is considered to be one of the most important in the history of Rock / Pop music since, although only 40 people attended, almost all of them made their own band, to mention but a few: Mark E. Smith (formed the Fall), Morrissey (formed the Smiths), Mick Hucknall (formed Simply Red), we all know their later course in music, and also the future boss of Factory Records, Tony Wilson. Ian Curtis, the future singer of Joy Division, was among the audience too.

The newly formed group changed many names until agreeing on the definitive denomination. A band name was needed for a series of planned pub concerts, a common practice at the end of the seventies. So, Richard Boom, the manager of the Buzzcocks, suggested the name "Stiff Kittens".

That name did not appeal to any of the band members and soon they decided to change it into Warsaw, inspired by David Bowie's song "Warsaw" of the legendary album "Low" released in 1977. They changed it very quickly though, as there was another punk bank with a record output named Warsaw Pakt. They ended up with the name "Joy Division" with which, as we all know, they became famous.

The name is a mention to the aisle of the nazi concentration camp Auschwitz, where young female inmates were offered for the sexual entertainment of German soldiers. The same concentration camp is mentioned in Ka-tzetnik's novel "The House of Dolls" (1955).

Joy Division, with the unique Ian Curtis on vocals, Stephen Morris on drums and the ingenious producer Martin Hammet, issued their debut album entitled "Unknown Pleasures" in 1979, its historic cover designed by Peter Saville. It received very good reviews and was proclaimed the best debut album of 1979.

The second and last record of the band entitled "Closer", released on July 18 1980, was a relative commercial success. "Love will tear us apart", issued as a single in June 1980, without being part of the album, is their most famous and commercially successful song.

Nowadays, "Closer" is rightfully considered to be one of the greatest albums of all times, while being listed by the Rolling Stone magazine at number 157 of the most important albums in music history.

The end had unfortunately come a little earlier for Joy Division when, on May 18 1980, Ian Curtis committed suicide one day before leaving for their first tour in America. The rest of the band had agreed that after Curtis' death they would continue with a different name. So they renamed into 'New Order" and changed their style into a more dance- oriented direction, with huge success and many albums.

Peter Hook, at the same time, dealt with the production of albums for bands such as the "Inspiral Carpets" and 'Stone Roses'.

After his departure from New Order Peter was active in other solo projects and collaborations, while with the success of Monaco he introduced the younger generations to the sound of the late 70's group of Manchester.

Ireon Music Festival 2015: Ticket Prices

Ticket for three days (all concerts): 22 euros in presale, 25 euros on the first day of the festival.

Ticket for Day 1 (August 7): 9 euros in presale, 11 euros on the day of the concert.

Ticket for Day 2 (August 8): 9 euros in presale, 11 euros on the day of the concert.

Ticket for Day 3 (August 9): 11 euros in presale, 13 euros on the day of the concert. 

Points of Sale

- Ireon: Cava Gaia.

- Ireon: La Luna.

- Samos Town: Kiklos Bookstore (at the main square of Samos Town)

- Karlovasi: Plaisir Coffees (close to the University of Aegean)

- Pythagorio: Travel Agency "Karanikolaou Foteinos" (at the entrance of Pythagorio)

-Mytilinii: To Magazaki Pou Legame Restaurant (at the square).

- Potokaki: Mare Deus.