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20 Δεκ 2018

Samos island candidate for Greek Travel Awards!

Picture by Nikos Chatziiakovou

Samos island participates in the international travel competition for Greek Travel Awards.

Specifically, Samos is a candidate in the following categories:

Voters from Sweden, Denmark and Norway have the chance to win a free one-week holiday in Greece!

About Greek Travel Awards

The GREEK TRAVEL AWARDS is the first important initiative for the international promotion and rewarding of Greek tourist businesses and destinations in the Scandinavian market. The Prize depicts the ancient Greek goddess Hestia, symbolizing the power and soul of Greece. Hestia is the goddess behind the gods. 

The archetypal symbol of Greek hospitality. The symbol of dedication and offering. The word of “Philoxenia”, i.e. hospitality, is written in Linear B, as an essential part of the prize. A prize which is a living part of Greece.

The awards are supported by Scandinavia's largest tour operators, as well as reputable journalists and media houses. The first ceremony of the GREEK TRAVEL AWARDS will take place in the famous Nobel Hall at the Blue Hall of the City of Stockholm on February 14, 2019, presented by the popular and internationally acclaimed journalist and writer Alexandra Paschalidou. Chairman of the jury is Takis Filippopoulos, former commercial director Apollo and former senior vice president Kuoni.

The voting procedure provides for 50% of the votes from the public (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) and the remaining 50% from the jury members. 

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